Monday, December 12, 2005

Your herps and your vacations in the winter

Yes, it's that time of year- wintertime. Winter brings with a whole host of problems for herp owners. Foremost among them, of course, is the dreaded power outage. It's really important to plan ahead for this.

First off, you should already have a portable container for your herps. If the power goes off and stays off, put your scaley little friends into their temporary home and move them to the warmest part of your house.

Chemical handwarmers (often marketed to hunters) can be stuffed inside socks and used as a temporary heat source, and if your oven works you can heat natural rocks and use them in the same way.

These, however, are stopgap solutions. You need to have an alternate place to keep your herps, preferably in a different part of town that might have power when you don't. And if you're going out of town, put together a "herp evac kit," with portable lights and heat apparatuses. Nothing fancy- this isn't a permanent relocation. All you need to do is pact your stuff in the travel boxes, set them where a friend can find it, and go on your merry way.

Monday, December 05, 2005


All my life, I've had real Christmas trees. When we were growing up, dad would take us out to pick the tree- sometimes, we'd even cut our own. After I moved in with Jer, I insisted upon having the real tree (and he kindly set it up for me, despite his allergy to pine sap).

This year, though, I will have a fake tree (I'm ignoring the tiny fake I had in the apartment because there was no way in heck I was dragging a tree up 3 stories). I have decided that with 4 cats, one of whom is actually small and light enough to climb up into the little 5 footer I normally get, fake will be better. This makes me sad.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Earth-shattering news!

I really like Tootsie Rolls.
That is all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Jeremy went to RenFaire and bought me a tambourine. He bought me a tambourine because it had tulips drawn on the drum part in henna. I love tulips, and his thought was that these tulips won't ever wilt or die. Awww.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Lizard Muse has Abandoned Me

Therefore, no posts. Also, my life is dull, dull dull. Less so now that I have a kitten in the house. But overall, still borning. So, have some articles"
About Crocodiles and Antibiotics
Don't smuggle herps from Australia (although the first bearded dragons kept as pets were wild caught, there are enough captive-bred species available to keep a herper happy for years, so please don't take from the wild)
Reptiles among the pets stranded after Katrina (please, please include your herps in your pet evacuation plans- in many cases they are even more dependent on human care than are cats and dogs, what with their temperature/diet needs, and because we keep them in closed containers they can't even run)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

As promised

A post about lizard shit.

Lizards shit and pee generally at the same time. Ever been to the zoo and see a pile of poo in a lizard tank with a bunch of white stuff? The white stuff is urine, and it's secreted in kind of a paste.

If you keep lizards, you will have to become familiar with their poops. Said poops should be fairly sold- not muddy, but not rock-hard, either. They should also come a regular intervals after meals. If you feed your gecko on Monday morning, there should be poop by Tuesday night. If there isn't, the first thing to check is the temperature of the tank. Lizard digestive tracks don't produce their own heat, and are reliant on outside sources to provide it. If the lizard is not warm enough, it can't digest. If the temperature is right, you can try to resolve constipation by a supervised warm water bath (many lizards are not too fond of this, but it's good for them, and also helps with retained shedding). WARNING: Poop produced by this method is usually gross. You should also be sure to provide plenty of water or moist foods. If the temperature is right, there's sufficient water/moist foods in your pet's diet, and you tried the warm water, you should see a herp vet ASAP to rule out any sort of blockage.

If you feed your bearded dragon lots of dandelions (which mine loves), the poop will be a bit yellow-tinged, and kind of stringy.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I was an idiot and I'm sorry

So, so, sorry. I never meant to hurt you- I hope you understand.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More Questions!

1. If you didn't have to work, what would you do with your time?

I would knit a lot, sew a lot, read a lot, sleep a lot. I'd spend lots of time with Jeremy (assuming he wasn't working, which isn't likely as he's a workaholic), and probably do some volunteer work.

2. If you could have all the pets you wanted, what would you have, and how many would there be?

I'm set for cats- 3 is plenty. I'd have one dog (ideally, an Irish wolfhound, Akita, or other large breed), and two goats named Killer and Frog. If Fiji Iguanas are ever in the pet trade, I want one. They're just gorgeous. Maybe a couple of geckos. So that's 3 cats, plus two lizards, plus 2 goats, a Fiji iguana, and 2 geckos. 10 pets. Unless I decided to get a horse.

3. What word do you hate the most and why?

I don't like the word "ratchet." It's got an unpleasant sound to it. I don't really hate words,
though. Sometimes I hate the ideas they express, but the words are just symbols.

4. What's the deal with buffalo meat?

It's yummy. It's more nutritious than beef and has a similar taste. However, since it's got less fat it cooks faster, which means you must pay close attention while cooking it. My coworker has a bison ranch and I buy from her. It plays well with pork in chili.

5. How did you and Jeremy meet?

At an SCA event, at the ball. We were drunk. My best friend Jen literally shoved me in front of him because she thought he was cute.

More Questions

This time, from Sarahlynn:
Why reptiles?
I think they are cute! Also, they're rather low-maintenance and are both a hobby and a pet. Did I mention the cute?

Do you get tired of Dorothy jokes?
Yes, yes I do.

As an android, do you have trouble expressing emotions?
I think you ought to know, I'm feeling very depressed.

You dropped it where?
Down a hole? The lady at the pet store last night got a small cricket down her shirt. Eeew.

In what ways might a fish need a bicycle?
Well, it would have to be a specially modified bicycle...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Five Questions

5 Questions From Delaney:
1. How do you feel about being a feminist in Kansas?
Alone, sometimes, and slightly crazy. But. I have hope! If the state was really so conservative, we wouldn't have so many abortion clinics operating. There's a small but active liberal community, and if I didn't have hope I'd go nuts.
2. What was your favorite SCA costume?
Hmm...either my red and blue particolored cotehartie or my red cotehartie and blue sideless surcote. Ask me again when I finish the fancy Elizabethan.
3. Do you find it frustrating to look much younger than your age? Do you see any advantage to it?
Yes and no. I'm used to it, really. And I'm told I'll appreciate it when I'm older.
4. How did you decide that you wanted to be ChildFree?
It was a process, really. I always thought (up until about 2 years ago) that I would have kids, because that's what grown-ups do. Then I started thinking about it, and realized that when I imagine myself at 65, there's no kids there. Children don't fit with what I want from life. I can't comprehend being legally responsible for another person for 18 years, and then being permanently connected to them forever and ever. Plus, what if the kid gets here and I don't like it? I'm not very patient and am easily annoyed. I like to borrow other people's kids, shake them up (figuratively) and give them back. I want to be the cool aunt.
5. Do you wish you had done anything different for your wedding?
Nope- it went off perfectly. However, if I could have known months ahead of time that it was going to be 82 degrees in March, we may have done it outside