Monday, December 29, 2003

I went home for Christmas. My parents have begun to redecorate the house I grew up in, which is just wierd. For 15 years or so I lived there, and all the walls were white, no curtains, nothing. And now? Curtains, and the kitchen is green. It's wierd. And they are turning my bedroom into my mom's knitting/sewing room. Sigh. I got to see my dog, and my 18 year old cat, Woodrow. He's got cataracts, the poor dear, and arthritis. Despite all that, he still picks on the other cat. Which is good, since she's evil. I am now a first-time car owner, and I'm about to order checks for my joint account. Damn, I'm old.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I want another cat. And a dog. And two pygmy goats, who shall be known as Frog and Killer.

Since I moved in with J, and he already had power/water/etc, all those bills
are in his name. We tracked expenses for 3 months, with me buying all the
groceries, toiletries, etc. It averaged out to about $200 difference
between what I was paying for misc. stuff and what he was paying for various
household expenses. So now we spend $50 a week on groceries, and I give him
$50 a week for expenses, and it works out even.

We've had the "money talk" a couple of times. Mainly when he went through
periods of little to no work last winter (he's a construction worker). I
was basically supporting the two of us, and it was very stressful. We sat
down, figured out how much we HAD to spend to keep ourselves fed and housed,
and that was it. It was hard, and there was fighting (should we spend extra
money going to the movies, buying new PS2 games, or paying extra on the
bills?), but we got by. We figured out what money we needed to spend, what
we needed to save, and what we just wanted to buy. It was during that
period that I set up a seperate account just for savings, and started having
$10 a week deposited there.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ha! I knew I had something in mind to post today! Dodge Durango commercials- and Dodge commercials in general- piss me off. The last commercial on the TV in the other room was for the Durango. It features a couple and their baby. In a Durango. Just them. In a Durango. That's the first problem. There is nothing in this huge vehicle but mom, dad, and baby. Second problem: Mom's biggest concern is for the DVD player in the backseat, and for the comfort (alleged) of this vehicle. Dad is incredibly dismissive of this, and insists that all Junior needs to know is how to say "Hemi." Or gas-guzzling Suburban Assault Vechile. This commercial promotes irresponsible vehicle choice, as well as stereotyped gender roles.

But it's not as bad as the OTHER Durango commercial. You know, the one at the picnic? I think I've blocked it out. Anyway, the "wife" is portrayed as manipulative, and the "husband" as a bully.

And then there's the Lingerie Bowl.

So the hoodlums on my street got evicted. At least, I assume they got evicted. There's a Dumpster in front not filled with construction debris, but with furniture. While I feel bad that there's another family without a home, I won't miss them. These kids hung out on the corner (where my house is) drinking (at age 13), smoking, swearing...yeah, just fine upstanding young men.

I signed up for Paypal recently, and now am inundated with spam. Sigh. Also, I need to read less crap and

Friday, December 12, 2003

My house, in the middle of my street...
My house is small- 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a formerly attached garage that's now the computer/winemaking room. It's got issues. There's the broken window (J locked himself out once), the garage door with a hole in it, the cracked foundation, the yard that's mostly dandelions...the list goes on. Then there's the "Bob" problems. The previous owner of this house was Bob, J's brother. Bob is a walking, talking, cowboy stereotype. He and his friends threw knives at the wall, danced in their boots on the nice wood floors, stuck beer labels on the walls, gouged holes out of the kitchen floor, put various parts of various people through the walls...the list goes on. So yeah, it's a damn good thing J's a carpenter because he can fix most of this. But despite all this, I love my house. It's where my family is. J, the cats (one of whom is on my lap), the gecko, the fish, the's happy.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Did you know they make pomegranate juice? They do! And, the best part is, it's good with vodka!

I work in the HR office of a construction company. Right now, it's open enrollment for the health insurance. This means, it's the one time of year in which people can make whatever changes they want to their enrollment choices for no reason at all. This has been going on for 13 days. Tomorrow's the last day. We've sent out a letter explaining all this, and that we absolutely, positively must have all forms in the office by tomorrow at 5. No exceptions, no matter if you're the CFO, a laborer, or the Pope. It don't matter- in the eyes of our little HR kingdom, all are equal. So, you would think, that if a person lived in East Podunk and had no fax machine or computer or scanner nor access to these things, they would perhaps call sometime before the 2nd to last day of open enrollment. But noooooo. So I faxed these forms to a florist today, since that is apparently the only place in East Podunk with a fax. Not a particularly funny story, is it?

My cat is playing with a ball and she bounced it into J's big ol' water ski boots and now she's confused. I'm torn. Should I be a nice person and get it out, or should I be mean and not and enjoy her confusion. Right now I'm leaning towards the latter. This is the dumb cat. Although, she does know what time J gets up in the morning, a fact that has saved him from being late (and, by extension, me, since he wakes me up) several times. Although she doesn't understand the concept of Saturday. Or Sunday. Or long weekend. If anyone out there has any idea how to teach these things to a cat with white fluff for brains, email me at

I just found out that the spell checker doesn't know my name is a valid word. That can't be good for my self esteem.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Hi. I know you all are just dying to hear about my life. So, under the influence of really good pizza (homeade!) and really good beer (Fat Tire), I decided to share.
Today I went to Lowes. I bought my finace, J, a table saw and miter saw. Yes, I know I'm awesome. So today I bought him wood to mess with, since saws aren't much good without wood. I'm getting a new table and bookshelf out of the deal, so it's all good.
Wanna see some pictures? I know you do!