Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ha! I knew I had something in mind to post today! Dodge Durango commercials- and Dodge commercials in general- piss me off. The last commercial on the TV in the other room was for the Durango. It features a couple and their baby. In a Durango. Just them. In a Durango. That's the first problem. There is nothing in this huge vehicle but mom, dad, and baby. Second problem: Mom's biggest concern is for the DVD player in the backseat, and for the comfort (alleged) of this vehicle. Dad is incredibly dismissive of this, and insists that all Junior needs to know is how to say "Hemi." Or gas-guzzling Suburban Assault Vechile. This commercial promotes irresponsible vehicle choice, as well as stereotyped gender roles.

But it's not as bad as the OTHER Durango commercial. You know, the one at the picnic? I think I've blocked it out. Anyway, the "wife" is portrayed as manipulative, and the "husband" as a bully.

And then there's the Lingerie Bowl.


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