Friday, December 12, 2003

My house, in the middle of my street...
My house is small- 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a formerly attached garage that's now the computer/winemaking room. It's got issues. There's the broken window (J locked himself out once), the garage door with a hole in it, the cracked foundation, the yard that's mostly dandelions...the list goes on. Then there's the "Bob" problems. The previous owner of this house was Bob, J's brother. Bob is a walking, talking, cowboy stereotype. He and his friends threw knives at the wall, danced in their boots on the nice wood floors, stuck beer labels on the walls, gouged holes out of the kitchen floor, put various parts of various people through the walls...the list goes on. So yeah, it's a damn good thing J's a carpenter because he can fix most of this. But despite all this, I love my house. It's where my family is. J, the cats (one of whom is on my lap), the gecko, the fish, the's happy.


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