Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Since I moved in with J, and he already had power/water/etc, all those bills
are in his name. We tracked expenses for 3 months, with me buying all the
groceries, toiletries, etc. It averaged out to about $200 difference
between what I was paying for misc. stuff and what he was paying for various
household expenses. So now we spend $50 a week on groceries, and I give him
$50 a week for expenses, and it works out even.

We've had the "money talk" a couple of times. Mainly when he went through
periods of little to no work last winter (he's a construction worker). I
was basically supporting the two of us, and it was very stressful. We sat
down, figured out how much we HAD to spend to keep ourselves fed and housed,
and that was it. It was hard, and there was fighting (should we spend extra
money going to the movies, buying new PS2 games, or paying extra on the
bills?), but we got by. We figured out what money we needed to spend, what
we needed to save, and what we just wanted to buy. It was during that
period that I set up a seperate account just for savings, and started having
$10 a week deposited there.


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