Friday, January 02, 2004

Gex is found! Thanks to the sheer stupidity of BeBe, he is fine- tail and toes intact, and just a bit pissed that his adventure has ended.

He got out when I left the top of his tank (he lives in a fish tank) to go fill his water dish. Little did I know that my little lizard had ambitions of becoming a Marine. The currently theory is that he did a "chin up" on the rim of the aquarium and climbed out. I did not know he could do this. Anyway, he was out for about 4 days. We searched the whole bedroom for him, but there are lots of places for something the size of my hand to hide in there. Then, last night he was spotted. I put a towel across the bottom of the bedroom door to try to keep him in, or at least slow him down. J had just emerged from the shower when he saw BeBe batting at the towel. And there was Gex! Fortunately, it was The Dumb One who spotted him, and not the smart one. So now he's in a bigger tank (a 20 gallon fish tank that my parents weren't using) with more climbing things (all more than twice his length away from the top), burrowing things, and a mirror. I'm relieved.


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