Monday, February 02, 2004

I got to push a car out of ditch this weekend! It was great! It was in Iowa! Don't you wish you were me? My friend Cat and I drove from Wichita to Iowa City to visit her cousin and stop off to see my sister on the way back. We got there at about 3am on Saturday morning, got up at 7, and went to bed at 8 on Saturday night. Left the cousin's at around 8am on Sunday, drove to my sister's college, took her to breakfast, and set out. At this point it's barely raining. All is well until just past Osceola- between there and the Grand River exit. We hit a patch of ice in the left lane, skid forward and sideways towards a semi, miss the semi, spin around some more, and wind up in a ditch with the car perpendicular to the road.


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