Thursday, February 12, 2004

My Mother

I want to write a little about my mom. Why? I'm bored, and I haven't seen her since Christmas.

Sharon Osborne would be my mother if she was married to a British rock star. My mom swears only slightly less than Ms Osborne. They even have the same haircut and vaguely elfin look about them.

My mother's dream job would be to drive a dump truck. Not just any dump truck, mind you, but a purple one with flames on the side. If I ever win the lottery, I will buy her one and a large chunk of land on which to drive. This would make her happy. Mom's actually a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. I was born a month early (4lbs) and unable to suck. Ever since, that's what she's wanted to do. She went back to school when I was 12 and my youngest sister was 5. She got her associates, passed the RN exam, and continued for her bachelor's. Her goal was to finish her BS before I finished high school, and she did it by a semester.

Mom did home health mother-baby visits for a while. She liked that. It was scary sometimes, when she would go to the inner cities, run-down rural meth towns, really violent areas. She would have to pass groups of tough-looking men with knives, guns, etc, on the way to the houses. They would step aside, call her ma'am, thank her for what she did. She was the first female graduate of her nursing school to not wear the stupid little white hat. If the men didn't have too, she wasn't going to. No-one since has been required to wear it.

Her other non-hospital job was as a school nurse. She did sex ed there as part of her job. She had to follow the school script, which was only a step above abstinence only. However, the word got out that if you wanted the real information, all you had to do was ask. She kept Planned Parenthood cards in her office, in case any student needed help. She worked at the school for about a year, then went back to the hospital for the money.

So now she's back there, taking care of babies and mothers and fathers, easing the discomfort of the babies and comforting the parents, reassuring them everything will be OK, and having them over for dinner. She sees healthy but small babies (feeder-growers), babies with birth defects, drug babies, alcohol babies, babies that are wanted, babies that are given up for adoption, babies whose mothers wanted to abort them but were talked out of it or couldn't afford it and now look forward to a life of poverty and abuse, since most of those mothers were using substances/in abusive relationships/abusive themselves/abused as children/extremely poor/already have 4 or 5 kids/can't afford birth control.

And that's why mom's pro choice.


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