Tuesday, February 24, 2004

[Spell your first name backwards] Eoz
[The story behind your user name] It starts with a Z! C'mon, that's inherently cool! Actually, someone at Ms. Magazine's boards had my name, so I picked Zoe.
[How old are you?] 24
[Date of birth] 7/18
[Where do you live?] A little one storey house in Wichita, Kansas
[Occupation] Human Resources
[4 words that sum you up] Short, sweet, pleasantly nuts.

Describe your....

[Wallet] Black leather "granny" wallet.
[Key holder] I smile b/c I have no idea what's going on and a cloth Harley one with the key to the house I'm sitting on it.
[Jewelry worn daily] 3 rings, watch
[Pillow cover] Cream flannel.
[Coffee cup] Carnival Cruise Celebration ports of call.
[Shoes] Various dressy shoes for work, sneakers/boots/birkis on the weekend.
[School bag] I’m not in school
[Favorite shirt] $6 Dollar General Henley
[Favorite pants] Army green khakis with flared legs, big pockets, and button fly.
[Cologne/Perfume] Dior's J'adore.
[Piercing] 3 per ear.
[What you are wearing now] Black jumper dress, white shirt, white funky tights, black shoes
[Hair] brown
[Makeup] A little blush so I don't look like death warmed over.
[in my mouth] My teeth
[In My Head] I should be working
[Wish] Someone should give me lots of money
[Eating Habit] I graze.
[Some of your favorite movies] Star Wars, Whale Rider, Office Space
[Do you believe in love at first sight] Yes
[The last thing you ate?] French Toast Sticks
[Do you believe in love] Yes
[Do you believe in soul mates] Yes
[Do you believe in forgiveness] Yes
[Three cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?] St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston, anywhere in Spain
[What are some of your favorite foods?] Paella, ice cream, Thin Mints with Cool-whip
Yes or No...

[you keep a diary] Just a blog
[you have a secret you have not shared with anyone] No
[you fold your underwear] No
[you talk in your sleep] Yes


[movie you bought] I don't remember
[song you listened to] Sinead O'Connor, "No Man's Woman"
[song that was stuck in your head] The Chicken Dance
[song you've downloaded] Don't remember
[CD you bought] 2 Sinead CDs- Faith and Courage and Sean Nos Nua
[CD you listened to] The Rising by Springsteen
[person you've called] My Mom
[person who called you] My mom
[TV show you've watched] The Simpsons
[Thing you said] Yup


[Black or White?] black
[Cats or Dogs?] cats
[Tea or Coffee?] tea
[Achiever or Slacker?] slacker
[Leader or Follower?] neither
[Beer or Cider?] cider
[Drinks or Shots?] drinks
[Single or Taken?] taken
[Matches or a Lighter?] matches
[Letters or Emails?] email
[Short hair or Long hair?] long

I want to...

[Go] on vacation
[Kill] No one
[Hear from] Susannah
[Meet] Jimmy Carter
[Look like] Me
[Avoid] All forms of housework
[Hug] J
[Kiss] J

[Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?] yes
[Drank alcohol?] some
[Done drugs?] no
[Broken the law?] pleading the fifth
[Ran away from home?] no
[Broken a bone?] no
[Cheated on a test?] no
[Played Truth Or Dare?] yes
[Flashed someone?] no
[Mooned Someone?] no
[Kissed someone you didn’t know?] no
[Been on a game show/talk show] no
[Been in a fight?] no
[Ridden in a fire truck?] no
[Been on a plane?] yes
[Come close to dying?] yes
[Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?] yes
[Swam in the ocean?] yes
[Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?] yes
[Kissed someone of the same sex] no


[Girlfriend/Boyfriend] J, for nearly 2 years now.
[When and who was your 1st crush?] Mark Ackerman
[What do you first notice about the opposite sex] Mmm, shoulders
[Your idea of a perfect date] Something silly and fun.
[Name a moment that you thought was really sweet] J bought me a miniature PS2 controller so I could play Soul Caliber.
[Your first kiss] (real kiss) Dave (I can't remember his name).
[Do you have a crush] Hell yeah!

Are you a...

[Vegetarian?] Nope, but I try to eat very little meat.
[Good Student?] Yes
[Good Singer?] No
[A good Actor/Actress?] I don't know.
[A deep sleeper?] Yes, once I get to sleep.
[A Good Dancer?] Depends on the style.
[Shy?] No
[Outgoing?] Yes

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