Tuesday, March 30, 2004


The pie was really good. I used the medieval recipe with a few changes, which hopefully I will post here tonight. My next cookbook purchase will be of medieval recipies- it was fun making the pie (and more fun eating it!).

Friday, March 26, 2004

I want to cut my legs off

I had a mosquito in the house, I think. Why? I have about 15 bites on my legs and feet and it's driving. me. nuts. I had to wear a skirt because the constant rubbing of my pants fabric on the bites was making them itch constantly. We have no calamine or Benadryl cream or anything, so I am taking oral Benadryl and drinking coffee to stay awake.

Living under threat of a returned killer, and a pie update.

Don't read the link if serial killers give you nightmares. They give me nightmares, but I can't get away from this. BTK is back. This scares me. I don't plan on being alone in the house for a good bit of time. My crossbow makes me happy. As does my rather intimidating live-in fiance. Well, he looks intimidating, anyway. He's really a sweet, mushy, 8 year old boy with pretty pretty eyes and eyelashes that are just UNFAIR in the body of a 6'2" muscley , forklift-lifting, construction worker. With damn good aim. And you know, it pisses me off that I should be put in this situation. I shouldn't have to check my phone for a dial tone when I get home, or be comforted that I have a man to protect me, or be in fear in my house. People should just not do that sort of thing.

Medieval pie update: I have apples. Will be going to the Spice Merchant for saffron and the special cinnamon. Also must find pastry flower. The supermarket near my house didn't carry it. A trip to a ritzier part of town is in order.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I like pie

I like to make pie, too. J's birthday was last week, and as we were here , he did not get the Traditional Homemade Birthday Dessert. He didn't get one last year, either, as our ancient oven crapped out about 3 days before his birthday. Now we have a new oven, so this weekend he will get PIE! I've found a medieval Italian recipe, converted to modern measurements, that I want to try. It's got apples for the filling and saffron in the crust.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Back from a nice little vacation

J and I went to Mississippi for some fun in the sun. If you ever have to drive 13 hours, I recommend you do it in a conversion van. Comfy, and you can sleep in it, thereby saving on hotel rooms. It was a good trip. I went shopping.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Reptiles I covet

Basically, I want all of the lizards at this site.

This one is especially cute.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


My tulips are sprouting! I hope they bloom this year.

Wedding update:
We have: a hall, a dress, cool shoes, a tiara that's Grace Kelly not Miss Kansas, flowers, a minister, guest list.
We know what we want for: catering, an arch (J will build it), favors (small trees).
No clue about: photos, invitiations, music.

Monday, March 15, 2004


Consuelo's fine. Very much relieved. As are my other Spanish friends.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Reflections on Atocha

(Atocha is the biggest of the three bombed Spanish train stations).

I like to walk and look at interesting buildings. A normal weekend or afternoon for me, when I was in Madrid, was to hop on the subway, ride somewhere interesting, and walk around for a couple of hours. Atocha was one of my favorites. It's a beautiful building on the outside, and it has a rain forest on the inside. Very peaceful, very beautiful. Or at least it was. Now it's tainted.

I would ride to Atocha on a lazy Sunday and walk up the road to the Prado to look at some of the West's great works of art for free. After an hour or so dodging tourists and looking at my favorite paintings, I would leave to wander around and look at the buildings. I would walk for miles. Some days, I would go back to Atocha, buy a newspaper or read a book I'd brought with me, and read it in the garden. I don't think I could do that now. The place has been damaged, the calm has been shattered, my memories have been destroyed.

And I still haven't been able to call Consuelo, my Madrid mom. Stupid time difference.

I have figured out links, oh yes I have

And now, some cute.


More awww.

Hey! It's me!

Aren't I cute?

Thursday, March 11, 2004


El Pais

Spain update

The Spanish think the bombing was the ETA.
The ETA said it was "Arab resistance cells."
The CIA said there may be an Al-Qaida link.

Who knows?
They're all asshats, anyway.

For info: www.elpais.es (in Spanish)

Madrid, te quiero

Terrorists attacked Madrid trains today, killing almost 200 and wounding over 1,000.
Paz si, ETA no!

I used to live in Madrid. I used the Atocha station many times. I have friends there. Fortunately, none of them are on the preliminary injured list. That doesn't mean anything. If anyone reads this, please send prayers/thoughts/hopes/good wishes to Consuelo, Raquel, Carlos, Pilar, Esteban, Marina, and all the other madrilenos. I miss them, I miss Spain, and I don't want to go back because of this.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Apparently, I can't make simple pictures or links show up. I'm challenged like that. This shall be my mission.

After that oddly personal post (which was the first time I've told that story to anyone), I shall return with more lizard blogging. Maybe. Or maybe random goat pictures.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

[img noborder]http://www-astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu/~jak/Images/cute.jpg[/img]

[link=http://www.homestead.com/peaceandcarrots/files/Baby_Goat.jpg newwindow]More goatly cuteness[/link]