Friday, March 26, 2004

Living under threat of a returned killer, and a pie update.

Don't read the link if serial killers give you nightmares. They give me nightmares, but I can't get away from this. BTK is back. This scares me. I don't plan on being alone in the house for a good bit of time. My crossbow makes me happy. As does my rather intimidating live-in fiance. Well, he looks intimidating, anyway. He's really a sweet, mushy, 8 year old boy with pretty pretty eyes and eyelashes that are just UNFAIR in the body of a 6'2" muscley , forklift-lifting, construction worker. With damn good aim. And you know, it pisses me off that I should be put in this situation. I shouldn't have to check my phone for a dial tone when I get home, or be comforted that I have a man to protect me, or be in fear in my house. People should just not do that sort of thing.

Medieval pie update: I have apples. Will be going to the Spice Merchant for saffron and the special cinnamon. Also must find pastry flower. The supermarket near my house didn't carry it. A trip to a ritzier part of town is in order.


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