Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A little survey from Sara

Sara now goes on my links, when I get a chance (when I get around to posting from home again). I'm having an ucky blood sugar day, so sorry about typos.


Abortion should be safe, legal and rare. By rare, I don't mean hard to get- it should be easy to get, but most unecessary. Contraceptives should be subsidized for low-income people and easy to get.

the death penalty

Only for mass murders.


Go after the pimps and the johns. Reduce the demand through education about the problems of prostitutes, and the supply by training prostitutes to find other work. Those who can't get out should be provided with condoms and physical exams to try to keep them healthy.


Lower the drinking age and don't portray drinking as something that happens at cool parties. Make it like drinking coffee- it just happens. Not glamorus, not exciting. (Originally, this said "raise the drinking age). It should be legal for those under the legal age to consume alcohol with the consent of their parents, as long as no laws are broken, ie public intoxication or drunk driving.


Should be legal.

other drugs

Legalize some, keep others (like heroin) illegal. Educate on the real risks of drug abuse and real-world strategies for avoidance. Provide rehab instead of jail to addicts, along with coping strategies and job training.

gay marriage

Civil unions for all- no state marriage. Eliminate most of the economic benefits of marriage. Keep the next-of-kin stuff, though. Civil unions/marriage are for forming a new family, not a tax break.

illegal immigrants

Make immigration easier. Work to improve living conditions in countries that are losing their people to immigration.


As a smoke-sensitive asthmatic, I'm picky on this. I have no problem with making restaurants/bars smoke-free or requiring a smoking area complete seperate from the rest of the facility. I haven't been to a bar in 3 years because of the smoke.

drunk driving



Use it to grow replacement organs but not whole people/animals. I have no rational basis for that, however.


Bad. No idea how to make it go away.

premarital sex

Go for it, but use birth control/condoms. And please, wait till you're out of high school. But I can't make you.


Not my bag, but everyone has a right to both be religious and be free of religion.

the war in Iraq

Bad. However, we broke it, and we need to arrange for it to be fixed.

George W. Bush

Like a chimpanezee, only not as cute and not as smart.

downloading music

It's fine by me to download a few songs. However, if you want the whole CD, go buy it.

the legal drinking age

Should be lower.


Against, but I don't think it should be illegal. We need a cultural shift so women aren't used as the sex toys of men.


Everything in our power should be done to prevent it, for both the sake of the person and those they would leave behind.


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