Monday, June 28, 2004

The love of my life is the world's worst homeowner

OK, maybe not the absolute worst, but pretty dang bad. A few nights ago, there was a big Kansas thunderstorm. We were awakened by a thunderclap- the kind that sounds like 3 cannons going off at the house next door. I rolled over to go back to sleep hand got wet as the window was leaking. Why was the window leaking? Because Jeremy has not cleaned the gutters out in the entire time he's lived in our house- four or so years worth of crap was clogging them up. In last night's storm, it happened again, and the Boy was out there standing on a chair in a downpour emptying the gutters.

I am also

zoe is interviewed
zoe is a genius
zoe is in the house
zoe is introduced to the other side of the family
zoe is a friendly girl
zoe is a lobster nut
zoe is a fiesta of high
zoe is teaching
zoe is the lack of screen time devoted to the most fascinating aspect of the film
zoe is in fact an android
zoe is her first full
zoe is very beautiful

I am...

lynne is a veteran of 21 transfers throughout europe
lynne is in the babybedroom
lynne is evictee number one
lynne is also one of those actresses who appeared only
lynne is having chinese food
lynne is a country record
lynne is here
lynne is wonderful to work with
lynne is now focusing more of her time on this bizarre
lynne is conversational
lynne is a volunteer facilitator for the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation's
lynne is certified by afaa
lynne is a whimsical tribute to man's best friend
lynne is an imaginative collection of alphabets
lynne is an anachronism in the best sense of the word
lynne is singing without all the music backing her

Friday, June 25, 2004


Trogdor! The burninator! Lives in a tank the the computer room and drives BeBe CRAAAZY(er). Photos to come.

Becoming semi-official

I am putting the Boy on my insurance. This means filling out an affadavit of common-law marriage. So after Monday, we'll be quasi-officially married. This is vaguely disconcerting.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Another Quiz

This one is from my IRL friend Cat, mother of the 3 year old who is in love with my fiance (the little hussy!).

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the proper Victorian ladies at Spookbot


"Republicans for Voldemort"
I saw that at Lilies on a car from Ohio.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Another Meme, from Grace

The Last...
Last Cigarette:: never
Last Alcoholic Drink:: Sparkling rose wine, made by me, on Friday.
Last Car Ride:: This morning to work
Last Kiss:: Jeremy, this morning
Last Good Cry:: Early February
Last Library Book checked out:: A bunch of books on roses
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: The Terminal
Last Book Read:: "Roses: A Guide for the Gardener"
Last Movie Rented:: Don't remember
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: Shit
Last Beverage Drank:: Water
Last Food Consumed:: Peanut butter sandwich
Last Crush:: Jeremy
Last Phone Call:: All day I get the phone calls, but the last actual conversation was with my mommitutti on Weds.
Last TV Show Watched:: Scrubs
Last Time Showered:: This morning
Last Shoes Worn:: Green flip flops
Last CD Played:: The March for Women CD
Last Item Bought:: Cheez-Its
Last Download:: Blogger's photo thingy
Last Annoyance:: leaky window
Last Disappointment:: Friend not receiving her award
Last Soda Drank:: Dr. Pepper
Last Thing Written:: Translation of life insurance policy
Last Key Used:: File cabinet keys
Last Word Spoken:: See ya!
Last Sleep:: last night
Last IM:: don't use IM
Last Sexual Fantasy:: A very naughty dream involving a woman I know online
Last Weird Encounter:: Creepy neighbor
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Don't remember
Last Time Amused:: I am generally amused
Last Time Wanting To Die:: Never
Last Time Hugged:: This morning
Last Time Scolded:: Don't remember
Last Time Resentful:: Friday
Last Chair Sat In:: my desk chair right now
Last Underwear Worn:: Blue cotton
Last Bra Worn:: white cotton
Last Shirt Worn:: Cream fancy t-shirt
Last Webpage Visited:: The Phoenix

Tiny update

Haven't blogged much. I was at Lilies War (hence to be known as Squishy Lilies because of all the rain), and engaged in Crazed Sewing Preperations for it. Trog Dor comes tomorrow, so I will put up some more pictures.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I loove this picture of me. Posted by Hello

Gex shedding her head Posted by Hello

Aww, grandpa and the giant baby. Posted by Hello


I have downloaded the Hello thingy and am playing with it. It is good.

Marching! Posted by Hello

Woodstock and I Posted by Hello

Tarquinius (grey) and Superbus (BeBe, white) Posted by Hello

Jeremy and Louisa Posted by Hello

The massive rose on the front trellis. Posted by Hello

Jeremy grew a beard just to show he could do it. Posted by Hello

The part of my job I hate

I work in HR, and generally, I like it. However, today I had to turn away two guys who did not have the legal right to work in this country. I hate it. They've been working here for years, and they had the bad luck to try to work for a company that actually knows how to spot fake IDs, and there's nothing I can do to help.

Jeremy's (I've gotten tired of calling him J) been working a lot lately. Of course, he's working for 3 companies (the one he's been at for 6 years, his uncle's recently started company, and his brother's quasi under-the-table company). He hasn't worked for the "main" company in weeks, and will probably turn in his resignation soon. His uncle will pay him $1 more an hour for now, and Jeremy will be the first foreman when the company begins to expand. Main boss is not out busting his butt to get the contracts, and that simply does not fly in construction. The bad thing is Jeremy's been doing more work with wood than with steel, which makes him cranky. The good thing is his uncle respects his abilities and treats him like a competant adult, something that was lacking at his previous job.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Severe weather and your pets

It blows my mind how many people right here in the heart of tornado alley aren't planning on how to protect their pets in the event of severe weather. If you have pets, you really ought to plan what you will do in the event of severe weather. Of course, this includes our reptilian friends. Here's what I do:
I start getting ready to go into the safest part of my house (the hallway- I live in Kansas and have no basement) as soon as it gets to a tornado warning. Cat carriers and reptile carriers come out. The reptiles go in modified shoeboxes (holes poked in lids). It's not elegant, and it's not the best place to keep them, but it's portable and easy to carry. When Trog Dor gets bigger, he will have his own carrier. That's it really, for tornadoes. I always have mealworms and frozen veggies on hand in case the power goes out.

Still no salad

The salad is still missing, but the house is not filled with the stench of rotting vegetables. Which leads me to believe it is in the fridge, freezer, or trash.