Monday, June 21, 2004

Another Meme, from Grace

The Last...
Last Cigarette:: never
Last Alcoholic Drink:: Sparkling rose wine, made by me, on Friday.
Last Car Ride:: This morning to work
Last Kiss:: Jeremy, this morning
Last Good Cry:: Early February
Last Library Book checked out:: A bunch of books on roses
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: The Terminal
Last Book Read:: "Roses: A Guide for the Gardener"
Last Movie Rented:: Don't remember
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: Shit
Last Beverage Drank:: Water
Last Food Consumed:: Peanut butter sandwich
Last Crush:: Jeremy
Last Phone Call:: All day I get the phone calls, but the last actual conversation was with my mommitutti on Weds.
Last TV Show Watched:: Scrubs
Last Time Showered:: This morning
Last Shoes Worn:: Green flip flops
Last CD Played:: The March for Women CD
Last Item Bought:: Cheez-Its
Last Download:: Blogger's photo thingy
Last Annoyance:: leaky window
Last Disappointment:: Friend not receiving her award
Last Soda Drank:: Dr. Pepper
Last Thing Written:: Translation of life insurance policy
Last Key Used:: File cabinet keys
Last Word Spoken:: See ya!
Last Sleep:: last night
Last IM:: don't use IM
Last Sexual Fantasy:: A very naughty dream involving a woman I know online
Last Weird Encounter:: Creepy neighbor
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Don't remember
Last Time Amused:: I am generally amused
Last Time Wanting To Die:: Never
Last Time Hugged:: This morning
Last Time Scolded:: Don't remember
Last Time Resentful:: Friday
Last Chair Sat In:: my desk chair right now
Last Underwear Worn:: Blue cotton
Last Bra Worn:: white cotton
Last Shirt Worn:: Cream fancy t-shirt
Last Webpage Visited:: The Phoenix


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