Thursday, June 03, 2004

Severe weather and your pets

It blows my mind how many people right here in the heart of tornado alley aren't planning on how to protect their pets in the event of severe weather. If you have pets, you really ought to plan what you will do in the event of severe weather. Of course, this includes our reptilian friends. Here's what I do:
I start getting ready to go into the safest part of my house (the hallway- I live in Kansas and have no basement) as soon as it gets to a tornado warning. Cat carriers and reptile carriers come out. The reptiles go in modified shoeboxes (holes poked in lids). It's not elegant, and it's not the best place to keep them, but it's portable and easy to carry. When Trog Dor gets bigger, he will have his own carrier. That's it really, for tornadoes. I always have mealworms and frozen veggies on hand in case the power goes out.


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