Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Crickets and Cats

Trogdor is burninating about 36 crickets a week (in addition to the veggies, nastursiums, and mealworms). Well, not really a week- more like Tuesday night through Saturday. Gex helps some. Because of this, I am thinking of signing up for a "cricket contract" where the little nasties are delivered weekly. The problem with this is that someone has to be home to accept them, and I do NOT want the gross disgusting little beasties to come to work. If they were delivered to work I would have to leave work and transfer the things from the shipping container to the cricket house (a nifty little clear plastic box with a lid and little black textured tube for them to hide in). I don't want to do that. So it seems I am at an impass, and that Troggie will be getting mealworms on those days when all the crickets are gone.

One of my cats, Tarki, was bitten by one of the other ones (probably BeBe, but I'm not sure). She had an abcess, which burst at home. All over my hand, in fact. It was pretty much the grossest thing ever. Now she's got a shaved spot on her back and an Elizabethan collar, which she can take off if we don't put it on right. This also means that yours truly must get up at 6am with the boy to throw antibiotics down the cat's throat, which is so not fun.

Sigh. What I do for my animals.


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