Thursday, July 22, 2004

There were roses

I have a very conflicted relationship with roses. I don't like to receive them, but I like to smell them and have them around. Getting a gift of roses just seems so artificial- the giver didn't take the time to find out I prefer tulips, daisies, sunflowers, irises, or orchids. They (well, usually he)just did what's expected. Also, the commonly available colors of florist roses just don't do anything for me, and the scent isn't great. Not to mention the human rights issues of the workers on the rose plantations of South America.

Despite all this, there is very little that can make me happier faster than cutting a just-opening bloom off the small "Peace" rose that grows in my backyard, burying my nose in the super-soft petals, and breathing in that luscious but not overwhelming scent. Taking my shears out back and cutting the stem just so, so two blossoms will grow for the one I cut is an amazing thing. To see this plant making such simple beauty and knowing I helped is quite the reward.

Now, I don't believe in those fancy-schmancy rose treatments. Number one reason is that Jeremy and I make wine out of our rose petals and most of the treatments specifically for roses aren't safe to eat. Also, many rose problems can be controlled through organic means- a strong jet of water once or twice a day will take care of mosts pests, organic fertilizer works just as well and is free to cheap (if you have friends who have pet cows like I do), and most rose diseases can be prevented by allowing the leaves to dry and pruning the diseased parts back. It seems to be working- my climber is huge- as in, I will have to get on the roof and cut it back soon- and the little hybrid tea in the backyard is thriving. Although the flowers don't like the 100-degree days very much.


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