Monday, September 27, 2004

Jeremy & Gex. Posted by Hello

Checking things out... Posted by Hello

Gex in the temporary house. Posted by Hello

The final setup, with gecko (under the large rock structure thingy). Posted by Hello

The same sand, after using a cup to get it into the cracks between the tiles. The pile in the left corner is where Gex's cave will go. Posted by Hello

Play sand dumped over the tiles. Posted by Hello

Broken slate tiles in the bottom of the tank (and my toes) Posted by Hello

About to post some pictures

I'm going to post some photos of my gecko setup. Be warned.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Go read my article!

Why are you still here?
Go read it, and the rest of the magazine while you're at it!
Also, font choice? Rock on!

Wedding Update

Funding is sorting itself out. Jeremy got a new job, so he's actually contributing now- about $500 last month, but it will be less this month. That's a huge weight off my shoulders, since he hadn't put ANYTHING into the joint account, the jerk. Cupcakes have been paid for, hall is paid off, flowers are done, only $200 more on the's coming together.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Childfree? Vote!

I post/read several CF communities. Lots of ranting/complaining about the perks that the childed get- tax credits, subsidized insurance (ie, my insurance for J & myself is more than the insurance of a guy who covers his 6 kids and himself), restricted access to birth control, abortion, etc. But do they vote? No! Voting is for breeders! C'mon, folks, if you don't want to pay high property taxes for schools, vote against them. Vote to keep your right to abort. Ask candidates what they will do to insure access to sterilization, and insurance coverage of sterilization, regardless of age or childed status!