Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Unexpectedly Useful Herp-Keeping Items

1. Cheese Grater. Useful for shredding hard veggies & much faster than chopping.
2. Shears. Useful for cutting soft veggies/greens into smaller pieces, and easier than using a knife.
3. Tweezers. Useful for feeding mealworms to your herp & avoiding the hand=food association that can lead to bites. Also, mealworms can be hard to pick up with the fingers.
4. Bucket of sand. Useful for setting unplugged-but-hot ceramic heat emitters in when they must be removed from the set-up for cleaning, etc.
5. Paper towels. Useful for substrate, and also for putting veggies on to make clean-up easier (no more scrubbing rock-hard, dried squash of plates!).
6. Rubbermaid or equivalent tubs, window screen, duct tape: Useful for making a handy-dandy travel box (see picture below)/temporary cage.
7. Plastic spoon. Useful for poop removal.


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