Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How to Prevent Rape


Fifty Ways Prevent Yourself from Being a Rapist:

1. Do not think you have the right to rape a woman.

2. Do not rape a woman. Do not rape a man.

3. Learn what rape is.

4. Rape is forcing someone to have sex with you when they do not want to.

5. Most rapes are committed by men who know the women they are raping. If the woman you are forcing to have sex with you happens to be your girlfriend, your neighbor, your cousin, your sister, or your wife, it is still RAPE.

6. When someone says no to you, that means you have no right to force yourself on them.

7. When someone pushes you away, or otherwise inclinates, verbally or with physical movement that they do not want to have sex with you, and you force yourself on them, that is rape.

8. If you see a woman in a parking lot, don't rape her.

9. If you see a woman walking alone at night, don't rape her.

10. If you see a woman in a short skirt, don't rape her.

11. If you see a woman with long hair, don't rape her.

12. If you see a woman walking down a dark street at 4 AM, naked, don't rape her.

13. If you see a woman who is not carrying pepper spray for self protection, does not know karate, does not have a gun, and is not even holding an umbrella to ward you off, still don't rape her.

14. If you see a woman who has a sign on her head that says "I Want Sex", you don't have the right to force sex upon her.

15. If you're at a party, and a girl is drunk, and she wants you to kiss her and touch her but then she wants you stop, STOP.

16. If you're on a date with someone and they want to go so far, but then stop, you STOP. If you don't stop, it is called rape.

17. Rape is a crime, whether you go to prison for it or not, whether it is reported or not, whether you're convicted, or whether anyone believes the woman you rape, or whether you get a goddamn medal of honor for all the rapes you got away with committing, IT'S A CRIME and it's a crime against humanity, which has more to do with your conscience and morals and the rights of women to live as human beings on this planet without having to be in fear their bodies will be violated, than it laws and prison sentences. If you are a rapist, you have violated a person's right to simply live. News Flash - you do not have the right to do that. Neither does any other man or woman you know.

18. Rape is about power. It is not about sex. Do something else with your misogyny than rape a woman. Try, say, reading a book. Or committing suicide to rid you from the planet so we will have one less rapist walking around.

20. Men are the people who can stop rape. Not women. For proof of this fact, look at statistics on rape for a second. It happens every minute of every day, and it is usually not ever reported so statistics on it are always underestimates. Women have been trying to prevent themselves from being raped for a few centuries. IT HASN'T WORKED YET.

21. Rapists destroy lives in a way that murderers do not. If you rape a person, you are as inhumane as a murderer.

22. Before you decide to rape someone, go to visit an emergency room one night, and ask the nurse on duty at the triage, how many raped women have been there that evening. Then ask about the rape kits they did on the women, the DNA evidence they collected. Then spend a few years of your life talking with women who were raped and see how it has affected them every single day of their lives. You might reconsider rape after that, if you're actually human. If you're not human, please kill yourself before you rape someone.

23. Note that you are living in a patriarchal society which is the only reason why committing rape will occur to you as something you have a right to do in the first place. Note that, despite this fact, you STILL DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RAPE ANYONE EVER.

24. Know that a few million human beings on this planet right now want you dead, if you're a rapist, because we're sick and tired of you walking around, and our self protectoin mechainsms haven't worked, and you're not about to be a real popular guy if anyone finds out you are a rapist, unless, you are hanging around other rapists.

25. Know that whether anyone ever finds out you committed a rape or not, you are still a replusive, weak, pathetic, disgusting, grotesque, inhumane, repulsive, worthless, twisted individual if you rape someone, and this fact will remain true, and you will remain guilty forever, whether she tells anybody or not. And you can be the one to live with that; if you have a conscience.

26. If you don't have a conscience, go murder yourself instead of raping a woman.

27. Read Ms. Magazine instead of Playboy

28. Stay away from pornography. Most rapists love it. That should be a danger sign.

29. Cut your hands off. You won't be able to use them. That will help matters.

30. Cut your penis off. Or ask me to do it for you; I'll be happy to, if you're considering committing a rape.

31. Stay away from women.

32. Stay away from little girls.

33. Stay away from boys.

34. Stay away from the human race.

35. You are not the superior sex, never will be, never were, never are. Women are equal to you, and sometimes women will be smarter than you. This is called life. Deal with it.

36. Sometimes women will not like you. That is our right. See above.

37. Sometimes women will rebuff your advances. In other words, we don't always want to have sex with you. Note, no one has any duty to have sex with anyone, ever. You are no exception.

38. Sometimes women will think you are stupid, will make fun of you, will not treat you well, will fire you from a job, will laugh at you, will refuse to go out with you. Just like men can do these things, so can women. This does not mean you have a right to commit rape.

39. If a woman has sex with you one day and doesn't want to have sex with you the next, that is her right. You do not have the right to rape her.

40. If a woman has sex with you and one hour later does not want to have sex with you again, that is her right. You do not have the right to rape her.

41. If a woman has sex all the time, with lots of men, and you think she is a slut for it, you still don't have the right to rape her. Women have the right to have sex with who they choose, when they choose, wherever they choose if it is consentual. Just like men.

42. No woman has ever, will ever or does ever ASK to be raped. No woman LIKES being raped. No woman INVITES you to rape her. No woman has EVER ASKED FOR IT. Try to remember that.

43. You don't have a right to rape your wife, your daughter, your granddaughter, your best friend, your girlfriend, a girl you met at the grocery store, your boss, your coworker, your student, your professor, your niece, your next door neighbor, a woman you do not know, or ANYONE ELSE. Ever. Period. End of Story.

44. Do not forward around emails to people telling them what women should do to prevent themselves from being raped. Women have never, and will never be able to stop the phenomena of rape, even as women do a good job of trying to, because we are not the ones with penises. Very simple. You are the only person who can prevent you from raping me or any other woman. You. Not me. You. Not any woman. You. You must stop you from being a rapist. It is YOUR job. Take responsibility for it for a change. I'm tired of giving out the 1-800-656-HOPE number to women who have been raped. I WANT TO GIVE OUT A HOTLINE TO YOU. 1-800-STOP IT NOW
But that hotline does not exist.

45. Go build a crisis center to stop yourself and every other man you know from becoming a rapist. Get funding for it, which will require a lot of work on a daily basis. Hire counselors. Hold group therapy and individual therapy sessions. Try, again, to get funding for it because it will be difficult to do so. Women have been doing this for decades. They're called rape crisis centers and we have too many of them. They should not have to exist at all.

46. When you converse with your male friends, be sure to warn them to NOT RAPE ANYONE if they are going out late at night, or if they are going out with a new girl, or if they are doing anything at all where rape might be an issue of concern. Women do this all the time, warning their friends to be careful, warning their daughters, their sisters, their mothers to be careful, to watch out, to lock their doors, to keep their doors locked, to carry pepper spray. We have all sorts of advice we give each other based on our very rational fear of rape. Why don't you try giving every man you now advice on how to prevent rape?

47. If you know someone who is a rapist, do something about it. Do not ignore, tolerate, pretend you don't know or don't care, or congratulate him. DO SOMETHING about it, such as, telling him he is the scum of the earth, reporting him to the police, beating him up, or put up a billboard with his picture, his name and the word Rapist in bright red letters on his front lawn.

48. If you're a rapist, go to therapy for a few years, perhaps the rest of your life, spend some time in a psychiatric hospital, perhaps dozens of times, perhaps years, and try to figure out how to live with yourself and what you did, which is exactly what many women who are raped by people such as you must do.

49. Donate money to RAINN, since you haven't succeeded in stopping rape from happening yet, so we still need these sexual assault centers, and maybe you should try being the person who donates money to them, rather than the people who were raped. 1-800-656-HOPE. Or donate money to your local sexual assault crisis center. Or donate money to one of the women you know who has been raped so she can go to therapy, because statistically, there is little chance that you do not know several rape "survivors".

50. SEND THIS TO EVERY MAN YOU KNOW. And when you get the next email telling every woman on the planet what to do to prevent herself from being raped, and it says, "forward it to every woman you know", don't do it. For an example, see the message below and consider how ridiculous it is that women should have to live in a world where we write, read, and send each other these kind of messages, and know that it is not fair, and wonder for a minute, why you never got a message like this before addressed to men.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done with the site, but how many men do you think have access to it?be serious! try to put links of your site on male dedicated sites.i've come into this by chance while searching a site to help my girlfrind protect herself against, u see, i'm a man! good God, I'm less than a rat for u!nevermind!your ideea is excelent,but u have to fight against it on several plans.
good luck,
Michael (from romania).

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

I was planning to become a rapist until I found this site. Now I'm going to become an insurance salesman!

At 4:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good work I agree with Michael you need to add this to like porn sites somehow

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT plan! I agree with michael.

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. I think mark's sarcasm hits the nail on the head. You are over reacting.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree wuth the above

At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

overreaacting to rape? only a chauvinist who is probably also a rapist would say that.

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LIsten, you have no right to say that! People who are raped are not disgusted with themselves for a day or two, they will be for the rest of their lives. They will think about it every day of their life. And if you think these people are overdoing it, then maybe you should get raped and then we'll hear what you have to say. Then again, BEING a rape victim, I would never wish that on anyone!

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look you can't over react to a rape. i'm turning 11 and I know that! If you get raped you don't go around saying I was raped and it was fun or anything like that! You will be in a turtle shell always thinking of it and then when people say whats wrong they will be like oh nothing. I think you who say girls over react when they get raped are rapist. Cuz everyone else thinks its a B.I.G. (Big incredible gigantic) problem.
So forget you!!!

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I have a turtle?

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I find this blog about "How to Prevent Rape" stereotypical, and offensive. I could go through all 50 reasons that I find it offensive, but I'll stick to the ones that jumped out while I was reading your blog.

Mainly number 28: "Stay away from pornography. Most rapists love it. That should be a danger sign.", most men love pornography. I know men in marriage who own porno video's, and goto any webforum where the community consists of membets between the ages of 18 and 29, you'll most likely find an entire area dedicated to what is considerd tasteful porn. Men are men, and most men have fantasies about rape, but it does not mean he is going to rape someone, just the same as a woman has rape fantasies, it doesn't mean she wants to be exploited.

Number 35: "You are not the superior sex, never will be, never were, never are. Women are equal to you, and sometimes women will be smarter than you. This is called life. Deal with it.", Women are equal as humans, but when it comes to their intelligence, remember the refrence of having a "blonde moment". Most men are more intelligent than women, and the smartest thing a woman can do is stop bitching.

Number 42: "No woman has ever, will ever or does ever ASK to be raped. No woman LIKES being raped. No woman INVITES you to rape her. No woman has EVER ASKED FOR IT. Try to remember that.", call it bizarre, but experiance tells me otherwise.

This comment is looking a little to long, I'll just leave with it as it is with the message that this blog about "How to Prevent Rape" is a stereo type.

Good luck sis', know you mean well, but also know you don't know much about men. Peace.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger travelswithcharley said...

"Women are equal as humans, but when it comes to their intelligence, remember the refrence of having a 'blonde moment'. Most men are more intelligent than women, and the smartest thing a woman can do is stop bitching."

Dear Sir,

1. You misspelled "reference". You did, however, spell "blonde" correctly, so kudos to you.

2. Having a "blonde moment" is a sexist joke, not an expression of fact. Similarly, men aren't actually dogs.*

3. "Most men are more intelligent than women." And if you were a woman, you'd argue the exact opposite.

4. Would you rather listen to us bitch or experience rape for yourself?

*Wanda Sykes: "We need to stop calling men dogs. Dogs are loyal."

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At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think all of you are discussting horrible bastards how dare you say rape is over rated you aboustly don't know what it's like I have to say I agree with Michael by the sounds of it he's the only one with his head screwed on the right way COME ON! think about your daughters your mom's sisters aunt's grandmothers nieces,you sick fucks!

At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am a stupid boy who tried raping one of my bestfriends, a prior ex and a girl i still had something for i stopped myself before nething unforgivable occurred, men CAN stop rape, i understand if the person i tried to do this to never forgives me, but im going to try and do whatever i can to seek forgivess, does neone have ne comments my email is positives only PLEASE

At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody can ever do anything to deserve the intense psychological trauma that follows such an occurrence. Just because a guy wants sex does not mean the girl "wanted it". It is never okay to prorate one's opinions onto someone else. That's how people get raped.

Rape is not a woman's problem, and every person (male or female) that the victim interacts with will, in some ways, be affected by the rape.

Not every man can rape. Any person who cares about the well-being of others could never intentionally force sex on an unwilling/drunk/asleep partner.

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to get rape from many many men, it satisfies me as i am overweight and cannot ever enjoy the satisfaction of sex with a man that is not drunk.

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Sadly, due to my appearance, sober men inform me at random that they would not "rape me with my own dick". If only I were a goat...

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Guy Fawkes said...

yes I do agree with you to an extent, but you also dont understand some stuff about men. Rape is not always a power issue. Rape is sometimes having the desire for which you cant have, but still acting on that desire. No man willingly wakes up and thinks, " Him... I think I might rape someone! " they just dont. It happens on impulse. Is it right? No. But it isnt always violent
Also, I bet that some women do ask for it. Ill bet that a woman gets really horny, and flirts with a man, and then after they do it, feals guilty and calls it rape.

and if a woman obsesses over getting raped, and then creates a nazi idealistic mind washing website saying men should get their penises cut off, then that is her problem. It is not up to just men to stop rape. Its not like there is an organization devoted to the defloration of women. You cant stop something that happens on impulse. Even if every man was required to wear a device on his penis that would burn through it if he rapes someone, that wouldnt stop it.

if you have something to say, my email is

At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Guy Fawkes said...

im sorry it is

At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lolol funny pointss!

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some one better cut my dick of then please

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive already raped 4 women, its great

its not sick..some people like anal i like forcing people

its fun..knowing that you have supreme power, but these women have all ASKED me, they said i need a favour..ive said ok

they like the feel of no but what the other person wants

so i can see half of your points of wrong..forceful sex is wrong..but never say women dont ask for it becasue they do

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to say someone asked to be raped is an oxymoron. you can't ask for something you did not consent to!!!! hello? logic!

for the people who believe pornography has nothing to do with rape:

the MAJORITY (not all) of women within the sex industry have experienced rape of some kind. either in their past before the sex industry, or after whilst in the industry.
the sex industry by its very nature exploits women's poverty and vulnerability... want proof, go read the Jenna James biography of how she was almost bludgeoned to death.
or go interview the project workers who daily attend to the wounds etc of the millions of working girls who experience violence on a daily basis.
even the porn star who did the old "deep throat" movies life was at risk if she didn't comply with the film makers wishes.

does that make you feel like a man, to know you jack off to a collection of rape victims? does it make you feel like a man to know that if the woman didn't make that film, she may be shot, mutilated or tortured?
feeling horny now?

even if the woman on the screen wasn't one of those who were exploited/abused/tortured, to buy pornography is to put money into an industry which supports exploitation/abuse/torture.

but don't worry, you only drink fair-trade coffee, so at least people in costa-rica aren't being exploited... THINK!

as for Guy Fawkes who said "no one wakes up one morning and decides they're going to be a rapist"

actually, its a much slower process. no one wakes up one morning and decides to be a murderer - unless their are serious mental health concerns (and no, i don't think rapists are mentally ill, they choose their actions just like the rest of us - yes i know that is a difficult thing to conceive of).

the process will start usually with porn. possibly with anger. gradually the porn/fantasy will get darker, going into the s/m stuff. they may persuade their girlfriend to act out something they've read in a porno - and don't forget lads, how many contrived pictures or fiction stories have you come accross in porn where a woman is forced, but "likes it in the end"?

to misquote Andrea Dworkin:

-- a black slave in the deep south is pictured in shackles, bruised and bloody from whip marks - the atrocity is recognised.
-- a holocaust victim is pictured, emaciated, caged - the atrocity is recognised.
-- a woman is pictured, she is chained in a cage, she is emaciated, she has whip marks - yet this is sold to men as the ideal of how women should be.


pornography by the way the shots are set up, arranges the woman in a way that she becomes a life-less collection of body parts. once that is done, it desensitises men to see women as a collection of body parts.

when pornography saturates a society, it makes it easier to rape women. because men start to see women as objects not humans, who are constantly "up-for-it"; and juries start to take on the opinion all women must be up for it, so condemn rapists less (want proof - read Dworkin and Mackinnon).

so back the story of our rapist. he may start with letching on women in the street or letching on his daughter, then maybe flashing. they move onto touching without consent. each time getting more of a kick or a thrill. then eventually move onto rape.

this is a description taken from criminal profiling.

rape is about violence, control and power. but its also about saying to someone i can use you any way i like for my own pleasure. its about anger. and if you are someone who has always associated sex with anger, aggression and hatred (because you grew up watching porn), then you won't understand anything different.

if you disagree with what i am saying here.
go to your cupboard where you keep your secret stash of porn. take out a magazine. and an A4 sheet of paper, and try to imagine you are the woman on the cover.

you are infront of the camera, who else is there? what can you see? what can you smell?
you know this picture being taken will be masturbated over by thousands of horrible, old, sweaty men - how do you feel knowing you'll be masturbated over like that?
maybe the photographer has his dick out too? now imagine its your dad behind the camera, with his dick out infront of you.
now imagine there is a gun just off set, and if you don't comply, they're going to put it up your bum and blow the trigger. and don't think they won't because you've seen it happen to others before you.

still wanna look at porn now?

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude seriously get a life im only here on this site cause its a school assignment seriously you have issues if you think men should have thier penis' choped off i mean come on that like my best friend, in fact im pretty sure thats every guys best friend. cunt


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