Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Five Questions

5 Questions From Delaney:
1. How do you feel about being a feminist in Kansas?
Alone, sometimes, and slightly crazy. But. I have hope! If the state was really so conservative, we wouldn't have so many abortion clinics operating. There's a small but active liberal community, and if I didn't have hope I'd go nuts.
2. What was your favorite SCA costume?
Hmm...either my red and blue particolored cotehartie or my red cotehartie and blue sideless surcote. Ask me again when I finish the fancy Elizabethan.
3. Do you find it frustrating to look much younger than your age? Do you see any advantage to it?
Yes and no. I'm used to it, really. And I'm told I'll appreciate it when I'm older.
4. How did you decide that you wanted to be ChildFree?
It was a process, really. I always thought (up until about 2 years ago) that I would have kids, because that's what grown-ups do. Then I started thinking about it, and realized that when I imagine myself at 65, there's no kids there. Children don't fit with what I want from life. I can't comprehend being legally responsible for another person for 18 years, and then being permanently connected to them forever and ever. Plus, what if the kid gets here and I don't like it? I'm not very patient and am easily annoyed. I like to borrow other people's kids, shake them up (figuratively) and give them back. I want to be the cool aunt.
5. Do you wish you had done anything different for your wedding?
Nope- it went off perfectly. However, if I could have known months ahead of time that it was going to be 82 degrees in March, we may have done it outside


At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Zoe M. said...

Hola. I am Moller. Zoe Moller. Note the James Bond theme. Just kidding. Onto other matters, I have just happened to pass your blog while searching the interentet for answers on a very difficult math problem. I typed in "Zoe the Goat" which is, of course, what the problem was about, which I find incredibly silly. Anyways, I read some of your blog and couldn't help but notice that you too, as all of the other Zoe's I have come across, have a interest in reptiles. One I saw at a pet store. She had a Ball Python. Another had one leopard geokos. I myself have had green anoles, taratulas (yes, they scare me too, and yes, it is a long story on how I happened to get them), chickens, and I have actually always wanted a bearded dragon. They are SO cute! I think that sums it up. Have a good rest of your life, as I will probally never hear nor see you agian. Alas, it is a big world after all.

Best of Wishes,
Zoe M.

At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And have a good wedding.


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