Thursday, July 21, 2005

As promised

A post about lizard shit.

Lizards shit and pee generally at the same time. Ever been to the zoo and see a pile of poo in a lizard tank with a bunch of white stuff? The white stuff is urine, and it's secreted in kind of a paste.

If you keep lizards, you will have to become familiar with their poops. Said poops should be fairly sold- not muddy, but not rock-hard, either. They should also come a regular intervals after meals. If you feed your gecko on Monday morning, there should be poop by Tuesday night. If there isn't, the first thing to check is the temperature of the tank. Lizard digestive tracks don't produce their own heat, and are reliant on outside sources to provide it. If the lizard is not warm enough, it can't digest. If the temperature is right, you can try to resolve constipation by a supervised warm water bath (many lizards are not too fond of this, but it's good for them, and also helps with retained shedding). WARNING: Poop produced by this method is usually gross. You should also be sure to provide plenty of water or moist foods. If the temperature is right, there's sufficient water/moist foods in your pet's diet, and you tried the warm water, you should see a herp vet ASAP to rule out any sort of blockage.

If you feed your bearded dragon lots of dandelions (which mine loves), the poop will be a bit yellow-tinged, and kind of stringy.